Ideas for Creating the Best Romantic Anniversary Memories


While when the word anniversary is mentioned most people’s thoughts go immediately to wedding anniversaries there are many other events that anniversaries can be celebrated for. Singles in a relationship may want to celebrate the 3 month anniversary of their first date together. Those living together but not married may want to celebrate the anniversary of when the first moved in together. Whatever the event or occasion creating a romantic anniversary memory takes research and careful planning, and how well you know your special someone will play a large part in what you decide will be the perfect way to celebrate. The following ideas will help you make your next anniversary celebration one to remember.

Romantic Dinner (or Lunch) for Two – Whether you are the world’s best cook or someone who avoids the kitchen altogether, a romantic dinner for two can be a great way to spend the evening of your anniversary. For cooks who choose to surprise their loved one with a home-cooked meal it can be easy but time-consuming to prepare but that shouldn’t deter you, for nothing says how much you love someone than taking time to prepare all of their favorite dishes.

For the non-cooks a lavish meal at either your loves one’s favorite recipe or a new restaurant the two of you haven’t been to before may be just the ticket. Check ahead of time if choosing a new place to dine to ensure that the menu will be to both of your liking and even go as far as to drop in there to book the best table for the two of you to enjoy your romantic dinner.

Outdoorsy types may prefer a drive out into the countryside with a specially prepared picnic basket to enjoy in the sunshine, nature and peaceful surroundings. A remote beach may be preferred for those living close enough to enjoy the ocean air. If you plan to make it an all-day excursion you could finish it off with an overnight stay at a nice hotel.

Weekend Getaway – Busy lifestyles do not leave much time for leisure activity but making time to celebrate special occasions is even more romantic if you plan a weekend getaway to a quiet, restful spot where both of you can shake off the stresses and pressures of work and family. For those with children it is extremely important to know they will be well cared for so you can enjoy your getaway without worrying about them.
Bed and breakfast establishments are almost everywhere and it could take as little effort as a couple of phone calls to make sure you have the best room booked and dinner at a nearby restaurant planned. With most reputable establishments having websites it is easy to plan and know what to expect ahead of time, so do your research.

For people who tend to live quiet lives dinner, a show and a hotel room in a large city nearby may be more desirable. Provided the dinner is at a romantic restaurant , the show is something you both want to see and the hotel room is a great setting for completing your romantic evening you are assured of creating memories to last forever. Other romantic ideas in a large city could include a horse-drawn carriage ride around a park, or strolling through a Botanical Garden. The idea is to relax and enjoy each other’s company on your anniversary.

Gifts From the Heart – If you are in the least bit artistic, musically inclined, crafty or good with words there are plenty of ways to show your loved one just how much they mean to you. Writing a poem, painting a picture, writing a song / piece of music just for them or making a craft item with your own two hands are all very personal and knowing that you created a special gift just for them will touch them deeply.

Not all of us feel we are creative but we can still come up with personal gifts from the heart. If your loved one likes to collect certain objects you could find one they don’t already have and present it to them on your anniversary. For women jewelry is often a great choice and if you have words expressing your love engraved on it even better. For men the same can be true. Cufflinks, bracelets and wristwatches can all be engraved with a personal message of love to tell them how you feel about them.

Newer Relationship Anniversary Ideas – For those enjoying the first bloom of love and not wanting to appear to be going overboard with the romance there are still plenty of ways to show your special someone that you like to spend time with them. If you tend to hang out with friends a lot plan an outing for just the two of you. Get away from the usual hang out spots where you might run into people you know. Dinner and a movie are always a good choice no matter what the occasion.

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