Ways to Plan the Most Romantic Marriage Proposal

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Asking someone to marry you can be the most romantic moment of your life and at the same time the scariest. While you may believe that your loved one is going to say yes you cannot be absolutely positive. Setting the mood, while not as important as the question itself, is extremely important if you want her or him to accept your marriage proposal. But where do you start? Our friends and experts on gifts for women provided the following marriage proposal ideas to ensure that when he or she says yes it will be the most romantic moment of your lives.

Public Proposal Ideas

Be aware that if you choose to make your marriage proposal publicly, while it is extremely romantic to declare your love for him or her in front of others, it does carry the risk of embarrassment or humiliation if he or she does not accept. That being said, a public display of your deepest love for him or her is something that will be talked about for years to come, not just by you and your betrothed but by the people who witnessed you pop the question.

Public proposals can be as dramatic as hiring a pilot with a small airplane to fly across the sky above the two of you, pulling a huge banner with words as simple as “Will You Marry Me?” written on it. For a more personal touch and providing the size of the banner is appropriate, add his or her name to the wording. As she or he sees the banner you can then get down on one knee and ask the magical question again.

Hiring the use of a billboard to display your proposal poster for a day may be feasible depending upon your location and availability. As with the airplane banner it is wise to include your loved one’s name or if you feel brave enough a picture of yourself to ensure he or she knows the question is intended for them. If located near a busy freeway thousands of people could see your public display of intent as they drive by.

Other places you can pop the question publicly are on an airplane. Request the air steward or stewardess ask the pilot to make an announcement over the speakers. Ball games are another great place to get your message to your loved one out in front of everyone. Simply taking your soon-to-be-betrothed to dinner and getting down on bended knee in front of the other patrons can be a public proposal idea that appeals to you.

Just remember that how and where you decide to publicly propose to your special someone it is important that you being fairly certain that she or he will say yes. Some people are not as comfortable with publicly declaring their love for another in front of a crowd of strangers so bear this in mind when you plan the perfect, romantic marriage proposal.

Private Proposal Ideas

Dinner for two at home, followed by snuggling up on the couch together and watching a great movie may be the best and most romantic way to lead up to a marriage proposal. Your unsuspecting loved one can then be surprised with a special dessert that has the engagement ring hidden in it. Just be sure to remove any possibility of your special someone breaking a tooth by accidentally biting into it. A cupcake with the ring as the decorative touch may be the ticket. Chinese food lovers could end their meal with a fortune cookie with the ring hidden inside and a message asking “Will You Marry Me?”

The location can be as special as the proposal itself. Think of somewhere that you both have always enjoyed going to be alone. Take along a bottle of wine and propose to him or her as you both enjoy the specialness of where you are together.

Take your loved one on a hot air balloon ride and at your final destination arrange to have the words “Will You Marry Me?” spelled out on the ground below so she or he will see them as you descend. Have wine waiting so you can celebrate his or her acceptance of your romantic marriage proposal, then end the evening with a dinner that you both will remember forever.

Have t-shirts printed for both of you. Yours can have your marriage proposal printed on the front so that when you unbutton your shirt or unzip your jacket the words will be revealed. Then hold up his or her t-shirt with “Yes” printed on the front for them to accept.

Whatever your final decision as to how and where to propose it is very hard for anyone to resist their special someone when they get down on bended knee and profess their everlasting love to them. It is the most classic, romantic marriage proposal anyone can make!

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