When Nothing but the Best Photographer Will Do


In most cases there is only one opportunity to get the photos of your marriage ceremony right. By hiring only the best photographer to take your wedding photos you can be assured of having beautiful visual memories to enjoy for the rest of your married life.

The following tips will help you to choose a photographer that will be worth his or her weight in gold:

1. Research – There are many ways to find great wedding photographers in your area. You can search using the Internet or your local phone book. Social Media is a great way to not only find photographers who specialize in wedding photography but when you do find some who are worth further research you may be able to find testimonials from past customers right there on their Facebook Page, website and / or blog. Reputable photographers will often provide examples of their work on their website so you can see the quality and style of their work before even talking to them.

2. Interview – Once you have narrowed down your choices to a small number you should then interview each and every one of them. You can either choose to visit them at their premises where you will be able to see an extensive range of their photographic work, or if you invite them to interview at a location of your choice they should bring a portfolio for you to browse through. Just as the quality of their work is important it is equally important that the photographer you choose is someone who feel you can trust to listen to your ideas and work with you. Make sure the photographers you choose to interview are available on your wedding date before inviting them to interview for the job.

3. Choose a Style – Many wedding photographers have a great eye for taking unique shots and will be able to suggest some poses and props that will be a little different than the usual images a bride and groom have taken on their wedding day. The photographer you choose should understand your requirements and be able to provide you with examples of other wedding photos he or she has taken in the same or a very similar style.

4. Request to See a Completed Wedding Album – You will be able to get a clear impression of the quality of the photographer’s work when you are able to see not only the posed before and after ceremony photos but also those taken during the ceremony. Candid shots of the groom’s expression when he gets the first glimpse of his beautiful bride as she begins her walk down the aisle, and capturing the love on the bride and groom’s faces as they are finally announced husband and wife are something that an experienced and capable photographer should be able to guarantee to be in your album. Photos should be crisp and clear and the focus should be on the people and not filled with extraneous props.

5. Ensure You Have a Good Rapport – In order for your needs to be understood and your ideas listened to, you need to choose a photographer who is willing to listen and act upon your suggestions. At the same time if the photographer feels that what you are asking is not possible to capture on film, he or she should feel able to tell you and offer other ideas that will work. He or she must have the people skills that will allow him or her to get other members of the wedding party to cooperate for group photos. If the photographer you interview seems more interested in their own ideas than yours they are not going to be the right photographer for your wedding day.

6. Package Prices – Many photographers will provide a certain number of images for a set price. It is important to know right at the beginning how much they will charge so you can ensure you have enough money budgeted to get the wedding album you want. Prices vary greatly from photographer to photographer. When exploring which package to agree to make sure you know exactly what you are paying for and what you can expect to receive after the photos are all taken. You do not want to find out after the photos are taken that there are extra charges that you were not aware of. Ask how long you can expect to wait for your completed album after you have approved the photographs to be included.

7. Your Rights – While all the above points are important perhaps the most important one is your rights should you not be satisfied with the finished product. As most photographers retain the rights to the images they take if you want the proofs you need to be prepared to purchase the rights to them.

Final Note: Don’t rush into hiring the first wedding photographer you find. Take the time to research fully until you find the right fit for you. This is a once in a lifetime event for both of you so it is critical that you choose the best wedding photographer available.

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